All orders are allocated a unique consignment note # by the Shipporter system. The status of orders is updated at various points whilst the order is in transit to its destination with Shipporter. Our system requires the export & import agents to update status at various critical points and this information is available to you via our tracking option.  At certain stages our system will also email you automatically with a status update.

Shipporter uses ocean freight services so the transit times are slower than shipping services which use air freight. The transit time will also depend on the origin & destination, the complexity of import customs procedures and many other factors which are beyond our control. 

Transit times/delivery time are subject to change without notice. Any transit time/delivery schedule quoted does not imply a guarantee.

For US-Australia orders we are currently experiencing a transit time of 5 to 6 weeks.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.

No – duties, taxes & other Government charges (if any) are not included in the international shipping price. Before the order arrives at the destination port our customs department will calculate the cost of duties and taxes and will contact you to arrange for payment of these charges. 

As a general rule the duty and GST rates are as follows:

Import duty – 5% of the suppliers invoice value (if a free trade agreement between Austria and the origin country exists the shipment may qualify for a duty concession – possibly duty free)

GST calculation – Invoice value + import duty (if applicable) + international shipping/insurance x 10% = GST amount

The Australian Customs admin fee varies depending on the invoice value. The minimum charge is AUD$113.00 and the maximum charge is AUD$215.00.

Australian Customs uses the exchange rate prevailing on the date of export.

When you buy goods over the internet they are required to be cleared from Customs control when they arrive in the destination country. The value of the goods and the method of arrival determine how the goods are cleared and what duties, taxes & other government charges may apply. In Australia for instance all imported goods are subject to assessment of duty, Good & Services Tax (GST) and other taxes & charges even if you imported those goods for your own use. Generally there is no requirement to pay duty & GST on goods valued at or below AUD$1000.

Australian Customs uses the total invoice value (FOB Value) when it assesses import duty & GST. The invoice value may therefore include other origin costs such as sales tax and domestic shipping/transport.

For an estimate of the duty & taxes (if applicable) relating to your order please contact:

Duty is determined on the Customs value of the goods. The Customs value of the goods is usually the amount you paid for the goods converted into local currency. Different rates of duty apply to different goods and some goods are classified as duty free under trade agreements between countries.

Most online stores are only set up with express airfreight shipping options which, by nature, limit the size & weight of the item(s) they can handle and what the merchant can sell to you. In addition due to export handling requirements in some countries the export documentation requirements make it more difficult to process high value items. The Shipporter shipping solution is based on ocean freight and as such can handle bulky and heavy items when the express airfreight forwarders can’t or won’t.

If you find something you want to buy online but the merchant won’t ship it to you, the Shipporter website can process your order and connect you with one of our assisted buying partners who will place the order with the merchant, buy it on your behalf and ship it to you with Shipporter.

Most US online merchants offer shipping services which are based on express air freight which is expensive for heavy/bulky items and can also seem expensive for small/light weight items. Shipporter uses ocean freight so the actual transport cost is much cheaper than traditional airfreight shipping methods and Shipporters service works for big or small items provided you’re not in a hurry.

Process your order on the Shipporter website and we’ll get one of our assisted buying service partners to order your goods and ship them with Shipporter.

The supplier/seller is responsible for ensuring that your order is adequately packaged for international shipping by sea.

Shipporter and its agents do not typically offer a re-packing service, In the event that the packaging is not sufficient for international shipping by sea your order may not be covered under the standard insurance policy should you elect to take additional insurance.

This is especially important when the item is made from glass or contains glass or ceramic materials as your item may not be covered by the insurance premium.

Please refer to our terms & conditions of carriage for more information.

The Shipporter shipping price includes customs clearance for up to three different items. Additional items of a different classification will be charged at A$10.00 per line item thereafter. The receiver will be invoiced for the additional clearance charges.

The additional charges will only apply when the order value exceeds AUD$1000 and a formal entry is required.

The Shipporter system is based on the merchant shipping your order to our export depot. You should look for merchants that offer free domestic USA shipping (usually stated as to the lower 48 states). Otherwise the merchant will add a transport cost from their warehouse to our export depot. By shopping at sites where the merchant offers free domestic USA shipping you can rest assured that the Shipporter shipping rate is the only fee you will pay to have your order shipped.

The Shipporter Gift Card entitles the holder to a discount on Shipporter shipping costs. The merchant must enter the unique Gift Card number when it processes your order for the Gift Card discount to apply.

If you are using the Shipporter “Assisted Buying” function you will be prompted to enter a Gift Card number (if you have one). This information will be relayed to the merchant.

You can shop with any online merchant however if the merchant doesn’t offer free domestic shipping within the USA you can expect to pay a domestic shipping fee in addition to the Shipporter international shipping rate. The merchant/supplier will usually show these charges at check-out and on its invoice.

The additional cost covers the merchants cost to deliver your order to our export warehouse.

Shipporter’s delivery contractor will contact you prior to delivery of your order to agree a delivery date and delivery time window.

If you are not home at the agreed date/time the delivery will be re-scheduled however you may be charged a re-delivery fee of USD$20.00

Shipporter can ship almost anything to anywhere however some items are prohibited including:

  • Perishable goods
  • Tobacco and arms
  • Food and beverages
  • Live animals
  • Spray cans or products that damage the ozone layer
  • Seeds-Plants-Wood
  • Explosives and munitions
  • Toxic substances
  • Chemical substances
  • Animal skins and animal products
  • Medicine, drugs, narcotics
  • Any item with alcohol as a main ingredient
  • Fireworks or gunpowder
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gas, tear gas, or pepper spray
  • Lighters and/or matches
  • Batteries containing chemical products
  • Poison
  • Pressure containers
  • Tools that operate with gas
  • Used goods
  • Personal effects

Bedding and other products made using feathers/down are likely to be subject to quarantine and possibly fumigation on arrival in Australia as they are considered to be animal products.

Additional charges will be incurred for quarantine/fumigation processes

For more information on restricted/prohibited goods to Australia please visit:

Shipporter uses ocean freight and all orders are packed in sea freight containers.

The maximum dimensions for any single package are:

2.1m x 2.1m x 5.85m

Most websites list the weight & dimensions for the listed items however if the website you are shopping at does not provide this information the easiest way to get is to email the Retailer. 

In our experience most merchants will respond to you within 24 hours. You should ask the merchant for the packed weight & dimensions and if the item is packed into more than one carton, ask for the weight & dimensions of each package. Bear in mind that US merchants will usually respond in feet/inches & pounds.

If the Retailer is unable to provide this information you can usually find it on the manufacturers website.

Shipporter delivers to almost any Australian postcode however if you are receiving a message that we don’t deliver to your postcode please email us at: and we’ll see what we can do for you.

There are many reasons why merchants do not use Shipporter. Some relate to payment issues and some are simply due to the merchants lack of understanding about international trade & shipping options.

Shipporter works with a number of reliable assisted buying services in the USA which can facilitate the purchase for you – these companies operate independently of Shipporter and have their own fees & charges depending on what you want them to do for you.

If you decide to use an assisted buying service just make sure you tell them you want Shipporter to handle the shipping.

Yes – just let the merchant/supplier know that you want to pay the international shipping charges directly and ask it to select “Customer to Pay” when your order is processed in our system.

When you elect this payment method you will receive an automated email from Shipporter stating the international shipping charges (excluding duties/taxes/quarantine) and a link to PayPal where you can pay securely.

If you haven’t received this email within a reasonable amount of time after the order you may find that the email has gone to your junk file.

Shipporter offers a unique sea courier shipping service and we’re confident that we offer the best price. Please email details of the suppliers quote and we’ll match it or beat it by 5%.

In addition to its commercial invoice the supplier is required to provide a “pink slip” which proves title (ownership) to the engine being exported. This is to confirm to US Customs & Border Protection that the item is not stolen.

An additional fee of USD$130.00 will be charged to the customer/importer to cover the export handling process for orders of this nature.

Incorrect declarations made by a supplier for this type of product will incur additional fees & charges which will be at the cost of the supplier/exporter.

When your order attracts a Customs/Government disbursement such GST or import duty, Shipporter is required to pay the funds on your behalf before the order can be released for delivery.

The fee to pay this by electronic transfer is currently AUD$70.00 and it is not included in the Shipporter international shipping rate.

Terms: Gift card discounts may only be used for a single transaction May not be used in conjunction with another offer Maximum discount is 20% Applies only to the international shipping rate Expiry dates: Nudgee Rugby program expires 1st October 2013 Oz Bargain offer expires 1st September 2013 Facebook offer expires 1st October 2013 Shipporter Gift Card expires 1st January 2014

If your order is made from timber or uses timber in any component of its manufacture then it is likely to be subject to quarantine at the destination country.

In the event that your order is subject to quarantine then additional fees apply depending on the direction from quarantine. These fees are not included in the international shipping rate.

This fee covers the basic quarantine procedures however if more complex quarantine procedures are required they will will charged at cost and supported by a quarantine invoice.

For orders from USA, Europe & the United Kingdom simply register for your shopping address here: 

Shopping Address

Use the shopping address when you process the order with the supplier and we’ll invoice you for the international shipping via PayPal when the shipment is checked in at the shopping address.

Your Shopping address is valid for 12 months from the registration date. If you wish to check if the address is still valid please contact us at

Please note that the Shopping address is single use/single supplier so you must register for a new Shopping address in the event that you have already used it.

There is no cost to register a new Mailing address.

The Mailing address is only valid for a one time use for one supplier. If you are ordering from multiple suppliers you’ll need a new Mailing address for each supplier order and for a new order from an existing supplier if you’ve already used the Mailing address.

Our delivery service is always quoted “to the customers door”. Due to OHS&S issues the delivery contractor is not permitted to enter a customers home and nor do we offer unpacking and removal of rubbish.

The delivery contractor will end\eadvour to locate your shipment as close to the front door as possible in an unercover area.


Deliveries to multi-storey apartment buildings, offices or shopping centres will be to a downstairs location/loading dock only.

For online businesses/retailers  typically you will receive an “Order Confirmation” from the supplier when you complete the order. Please forward this to:

If the supplier is an eBay seller you must forward the eBay invoice, the PayPal payment confirmation and the sellers name & street address.

For all other suppliers/sellers we’ll need a copy of the suppliers invoice which shows: supplier/seller name & street address, your name and delivery address in Australia, an itemized description of the goods and the invoice value/currency.

The preferred format for documentation is PDF.

For US origin orders if the value exceeds USD$2500 the supplier must also provide an export declaration with specific information to enable us to complete the export process (AES filing). Please contact us at: for more information about this process.

Please note that it the responsibility of the customer/importer to provide all documentation required to process the Customs Entry. Documentation may include supplier invoices, packing list, certificate of origin, manufacturers declarations, export declarations, import permits and any other documentation required by the origin & destination country Customs authority. All documentation must be supplied in a timely manner prior to the arrival of the vessel in the destination country. The customer/importer must ensure that the information provided is accurate and consistent with the Customs laws of the importing country. The importer is solely responsible for ensuring that the documentation is accurate and complete. Shipporter will not be responsible for delays and/or additional costs which may be incurred as a result of incorrect, missing or late submission of documentation.

The shipping quote includes delivery to your door provided there is reasonable access for a large vehicle.

For residential high rise/apartments delivery will be to a downstairs location – most likely a loading dock. The deliver contractor will not carry large items to upstairs locations.

The delivery contractor will provide as much reasonable assistance as possible however under OH&S regulations they are unable to access your home. The driver will therefore not unpack the shipment, locate the items inside your home and/or remove rubbish.

We offer a freight forwarding service. If you need a removals type service then we may not be the right fit for you.

The minimum requirement is the suppliers invoice or order confirmation which identifies the supplier (name/address), you as the customer (name/address), a description of the goods, an itemized value for the goods, the country of origin and the invoicing currency.

Additional declarations including country of origin may also be required in order to claim a duty concession on import. If the commodity requires an import license it is the responsibility of the importer to provide the necessary documentation prior to the shipment arriving at the border.

All documentary and permit requirements are the responsibility of the importer. Shipporter will not be held liable for any additional costs incurred in the event that the documentation and/or necessary permits are not in place prior to import.

Typically shipments to islands within Australia will be delivered to the nearest mainland city depot and you will be contacted on arrival at the depot so you can make arrangements to collect the shipment.

For businesses Customs will require your ABN. For personal imports you will be required to provide documentation to the value of 100 points proof of identity which may involve the photo pages of your passport, drivers licence and other relevant documents,